At VEDA Design Group we work with budgets big and small, from multi-million dollar new construction and full-house remodels, to single room or garden renovations. We provide full consulting and design services and can work with you directly or with your existing contractors, architects, or landscapers to co-create your vision.

Luxury Residential

Create Your Sanctuary.  Be it high styled modern or exotic world flair, beach side cottage or mid-century appeal - VEDA Design Group works closely with your vision, unique needs, tastes and lifestyle to create a space that not only impresses, but an environment that truly goes beyond what the eye can see.  All elements come into harmony in a space that speaks to your Soul.

Outdoor Living and Garden Design

Be in harmony with your environment.  Never underestimate how a beautiful outdoor living space – one that is truly in harmony with the elements and energy of earth – can extend the beauty and value of your home. You may have a few acres or a few hundred square feet, an overgrown garden or a blank cement slate. Gardens, patios, verandas, terraces and acreage all have a unique flow and purpose. When maximized and in harmony with the surrounding environment, what is created is an ideal space that speaks to the soul.

Sacred Spaces

Deepen your connection. Our homes are our sanctuary, a respite for our souls.  Why not create a room, outdoor living space, or entire home into a sacred space that truly supports who you are becoming?  This goes far beyond a few gently blended colors, soft pillows, and a zen water fountain.  This is about energy – your energy, the energy of the home, and items that are sacred to you or your loved ones.  VEDA Design Group is highly specialized in working with your unique beliefs, values, and practices (be it meditation, yoga, prayer, or other spiritual or religious traditions) and can weave together a beautiful space that truly holds the supportive energy for development of your highest self.

Light Commercial and Business Use

Make it work. Office and business space come with their own unique challenges – in part, code and regulations – but also a keen knowing of office functionality to create your employee’s best working environment. Whether its a new lobby and boardroom to impress potential clients, updated employee meeting and kitchen space, or a full office building renovation, we’ve worked with businesses large (~50,000 sq ft) and small (~600 sq ft), and unique spaces such as nightclubs and entertainment lounges, to create ideal working solutions that reflect your brand’s identity, needs, and goals.


Take it easy.  Moving cities?  Live in another country?  No problem.  We provide full set-up, move-in ready services.  We have worked with numerous overseas clients who required a move-in ready home after design services were complete – right down to linens, towels, cleaning and kitchen supplies.  Relax, sit back, and allow us to do all the work for you.