Behind every project is more than just a beautiful interior, a purposeful space, or a luxurious finish. Spaces are something we feel. We walk into a room and we either feel at ease or we don’t. This goes beyond mere beauty, color, or harmony of materials (although those are important too).

​What penetrates the soul is the harmony of space that goes beyond what the eye can see. It’s the coming together of all elements, seen and unseen, where our very being resonates with its creation. ​

Any person with a sense of style can choose paint color, pick out a sofa, or arrange objects. But VEDA Design Group goes beyond this to work with the soul of the home or business — and the soul essence of its primary occupants — to weave together an ideal space that is truly in harmony with its purpose.

A few of Eden’s TV & Magazine appearances

Eden Clark leads VEDA Design Group with the sole (​soul​) purpose of combining beauty + space into more than meets the eye. ​

| Creation |

During her career in design and home improvement, Eden has appeared as a design expert in 100′s of magazines and news media, including The Today Show, CNN, People magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, LA Times, and many more. Eden also co-hosted over 100 episodes of a home makeover web series on MSN with over 1.3 million downloads, in addition to being the lead interior designer on a series for Spike TV.

| Vision |

​From her travels deep into the Amazon jungle to sit in ceremony with indigenous medicine men, to rites of passage with shaman in the peaks of the Andes mountains, to profound experiences in the sacred sites around the world, Eden ventured out from on-camera design work to combine her talents in creative design, space planning, and project management with her intuitive ability in the world of energy and the unseen elements that affect us.

She has worked on dozens of residential and commercial projects, from modern to eclectic, refined to ornate, and combines her deep love of world travel and extensive training in shamanic energy medicine to bring more than just beauty and function: she harmonizes the very essence of a space to create a feeling that goes far beyond what the eye can see.

| Management |

Prior to founding the VEDA Group, Eden was founder of two multi-million dollar companies. As a founding team member of her first company, she helped take it public at age 24 in a $140 million IPO. She followed this success at age 26 as founder and CEO of a web-based media company, providing web and video content to the women’s home improvement and interior design market. Eden also trained as an interior designer at the highly recognized Interior Design Institute (IDI) in Newport Beach, CA.  She has led interior design projects that vary from an 8,000 night club and entertainment space, to extensive $600,000+ home remodels, to 50,000 sq ft office buildings, to unique and intimate garden spaces.

Her training and experience has provided a proficiency for executing large-scale interior design and remodeling projects, managing budgets and contractual relationships, while delivering the goal of any interior design project: a space to love. ​